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Virtual World Changed Universe ---- BMG's "Digital" Story

The pursuit of dream needs to pay a high price. Facing the challenge in the day after day upgrading in the high-tech application territory, regardless of commercial industries or entertainment industries, all of them try with their maximum effort in a manner to find a way in the expectation of applying high-tech to obtain the advantage in the competition. That is why many successful examples were generated in the virtual world. It includes virtual stars, virtual news broadcasters, even virtual singers and virtual movie stars. But behind the scenes of these virtual characters, a new age of digital revolution is quietly being activated by countless professional experts and big amount of capital. This is the symbol that in the future world, many people having dreams would dare to implement their great ideas in the visionary hope of virtual world.

Have dream and the courage to make it come true

In early June, 2000, BMG company pan pacific area entertainer and production director - Mr. Preston Lee has been planning a brand new commercial project. As he has observed the impact 3D animation brings that will become a new trend in the future application territory of entertainment community. Therefore, he expects to mold a batch of unprecedented virtual singers under BMG banner. And to make these 3D characters to become the focus of thousands of people. To let, regardless of their singing voices or poses, to resemble those of the real singers in reality and emotion. And the greater characteristics is, in this MTV commercial project named "4 in Love", there is not only one singer who is entertaining but 4 young virtual ladies of singers band appear at the same time with different characters and different looks.

This is not only the pioneering move of BMG company in Taiwan, but also the unprecedented huge production in Taiwan's 3D animation. Thinking about this, with his excited but incompatible heart, Mr. Preston Lee does not know whether his hope can be successful or not. And the bigger challenge is, whether or not suitable team and people can be found in Taiwan for matching with this project. Because making the 4 virtual singers to sing and dance on stage at the same time is a very difficult animation production.

Although Preston Lee is not entirely familiar with 3D animation, but he can forecast that any production companies may face tremendous challenge in working this project. During this period, it requires not only high skills in 3D animation but also needs to conduct thorough communication and coordination with BMG. Mutual cooperation and the control of work schedule would then become the key factors for success or failure. The stress he bears and the company's expectation toward this project made him not dare to hastily sublet this project. During this period, has had almost gone to every production firms in Taiwan in an attempt to find the most ideal cooperation partner(s). Of course, he has also observed the 3D animation standard in Taiwan is growing step by step. But he hopes the undertaking company will concentrate in completing the mission in time. Under these conditions, Preston Lee hard to make his final decision. Maybe its God's will? In urgent and essential moment, he met Director Adam Juang of "digital frontier" ---- a man as a best cooperating partner to help Preston Lee to make his dream come true.

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