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Honesty and Actual Strength are the Foundation Stones of Enterprise

The main reason for cooperating with Director Adam Juang is because the working attitudes he emphasized in teamwork spirit, sincerity toward clients and thorough communication and coordination. There are certainly the best working partner Preston Lee requires. Besides, Director Juang is coincidentally in the period of preparing and decorating his first established enterprise in live - "digital frontier technology corporation". If BMG project can be successfully contracted for execution, it would become his representative work of company establishment. All partners will concentrate in work on this project with their highest enthusiasm. To crown up with a very high appraisal of Director Juang himself in domestic 3D animation community, the superiority is the reason in prior to the establishment of his company, the movie special effect of 'The Legend of Sacred Stone'; he was responsible that completed the impossible mission within impossible time-frame and manpower. That enabled Preston Lee finally made up his mind to give go a struggle. Toward Director Juang, BMG project will be another "Mission Impossible" that needs to devote full effort.

Tradition and modern are on a same stage

climate & time, advantage of territory and human relation are the three keys of success or failure. Under the recruitment call of Director Juang, several good friends of common goal joined in this the "youngest" 3D company in the entire nation despite of countless barriers. Among them, it include Animation Director Kevin Chen who has been in the cartoon world for 20 years, and having rich experiences in traditional animation production and preliminary works. Upon receiving this very challenging mission, Director Chen recommended that this MTV short album should be treated by using the plot of movie structure. Only then it would be different from general MTV movie focused in sound and light changes. As it is processed with plot story, it's easier to set off the differences in characters of the four people.

The pattern and formation of the story is "Pretty Woman" and "International Singing Contest" will be the processing main shaft. It describes the four unknown singers from the earth, almost miss the Interplanetary Singing Contest held in outer space due to the light-year flying device of their old flying machine "Sparrow" broke down. Just a few seconds right before the countdown of the Contest comes to an end, their device is successfully started that transmits them onto the giant stage located at far outer space at the last second. And then after being struck with a panic, the four ladies holding a dream finally calm down to get ready for exhibiting their beautiful voices. The interplanetary judges in grotesque shapes and sizes are gradually attracted by their show from the jeers at early stage, and finally greatly impressed by into their songs. The judges coincidentally agree to give the highest score at the end of the show. Then a brand new chorus angel "4 in Love" is finally born. The awarded prize is eventually a brand new set of "Sparrow".

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