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1. Scenes design
Image I (Whole scene design drawing of inner part of cabin) Image II (Design drawing of the light-year machine)
Kevin Chen wishes the style of this 3D MTV to have feminine satisfaction and gentleness that will be significantly different from the savageness, coldness and hardness of the star war. Therefore, the entire site scene is to avoid pointed and sharp formation and the sense of too much metal as much as possible. In this short plot, there are totally two major site scenes, i.e., the designed cabin of the inner part of the Sparrow and the giant interplanetary stage. This, to Kevin Chen who had worked hundreds of various types of cartoon movie, is but another plot of "Cartoon". But this piece is not similar to usual formerly existed cartoon work movie. It started with an entirely imagery story. Moreover, it also entered a 3D animation world that has never been experienced, to accept a brand new challenge. Therefore, this 3D MTV is exactly his first new taste of the combination of traditional animation and 3D animation. Here are some of his experiences in designing site scenes that he would like to share with everybody:
a. First setup a good melody. Either the formation or colors of the site scene should go according to this melody. For instance, the melody of this movie is "To melt into classic in high-tech", therefore, the appearances of many machines have no cold hard feeling of metal but to comprise classic down-to-earth. In this aspect, the animator Vincent of dftc Digital Images is said to have dedicated his maximum merit and effort in the material quality. The color tones and taste of quality for the whole inner cabin make it looks golden classic beauty, and Geese Chu who is responsible for building 3D site scenes is said to be Bureau Chief of "Virtual Construction Bureau". b. The styles of scenes and characters must be consistent As the four ladies are in the clothing that emphasized daily live, therefore the scenes also needs to apply simplicity as basic tone. But the story of this plot is structured in "Pretty Woman", so, the MTV episodes appear on stage at the later part are changed to brilliant contrast. c. The color tones of the scene is not appropriate to be rich for avoiding the focus of the character is absorbed Generally speaking, the color tones of the scenes are the match of about two or three colors. Never apply too many colors to make it looks like an export painting. That certainly will make the piece "very common".
Image III (Completed 3D drawing of the internal of the cabin) IImage IV (Design draft drawing of the giant stage) Image V (Completed 3D drawing for whole scene of the giant stage) Image VI (Completed 3D drawing of the open portion of the giant stage)

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