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Image VII (Color picture of Sunnie)

Sunnie profile:

Libra, age 18, fond of African and Latin dance and also loves HIP HOP, straight forward, afraid of fish, wants to be a stewardess.

Image VIII (Color picture of Windie)

Windie profile:
Gemini, age 16, fond of signing, student of high talents majored in dance, has very good posture of a model, good temperament but is a bit dazed,

Image IX (Color picture of Cloudie)

Cloudie profile:
Scorpio, age 19, loves computer and street dance, wishes to be a detective, graceful, quiet and moderate, afraid of very soft animal

mage X (Color picture of Rainie)

Rainie profile:
Gemini, age 16, loves singing, wishes to become a dance teacher, fond of Japanese, brisk and cute, has participated many contests

2. Modeling design

BMG requires a very high standard in modeling, because this is exact the same as the commercial planning of a real singer. The four young ladies are only at the age of 17 ~ 18. The characters of the four persons are also reflecting the current young people's characteristics such as liveliness, modern pursuit, fond of risk.
For this portion, BMG originally has designed the modeling by their particular cartoonist. But it has to be reviewed and modified by 3D animator to the style in order to suit 3D production. However, BMG further expects the hairstyles and costumes of the four persons can be different, and they should rather not to come off with the real life. That means this is not a scientific fiction, but a story happening in real life. Therefore, it has both Japanese style and the taste of HIP HOP. The biggest headache among them is hairstyle. All 3D animators wish four of them had short hair and tight clothes. Only then their hair and clothes/skirts will not generate large extend of swaying that causes difficulty in production. Especially the long pigtail, that would be the nightmare of a 3D animator when they are dancing.
At the beginning, BMG also cooperated not to consider pigtail in order to let them appear in short hairstyles. But this would be impossible to set off the significant personality of each young lady. Therefore, at the final critical moment, BMG still determined to let one of them in two long pigtails but with promised not wear long skirt or clothes with large extend of swaying. Then, the costumes modeling for the four persons is finalized in early July. In the aspect of modeling design, here are some points that we would like to share with you :
a. The frame structure ratio of the modeling must be uniform. For instance, this piece of work adapted 6 pairs of head-and-body as basic design.
b. There must be a height comparison diagram with all figures to stand together.
c. Everyone must have the posture, emotions or loved motions that are different from other people.
d. The specialty of personality of a person must be visible from its outer appearance, then the first step is successful.

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