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The example that we'll be using for discussion here is BMG's "4 in Love" 3D MTV. This MTV was 4 minutes and 55 seconds in length, consisted of 134 cuts. The making of this MTV took 3 and a half month to complete. To have the production ran smoothly; we adapted the concept of "Procedure and Nonlinear Integration". By separating our animators into 3 groups-- 1. modeling, 2. rendering, 3. animation;
each group was able to go on with their tasks independently and simultaneously. All the elements will be integrated after each group had completed their work. This way, a lot of waiting time can be saved. Of course, some problems were expected during the integration stage, however, we could minimize the problems by taking certain precautions during our production process. Special attention should be paid to the following items:


fig 1.character animatic model

fig 2. rough scenic model

fig 3. inside controller of "sparrow"
1. File naming system and file management: all files must be named under one unified format, according to scene, object, cut, etc.. Just by looking at the file name, animators could easily know what the file was for. For example, animator would recognize the file is from which scene and which shot. Is it a character? Is it a background or an object? Is it a model? Material or texture? Or is it an animation clip?
File management regulated where the files were stored. Source elements and finished elements could be placed on either one file server or on different hard disks. These locations should be clearly indicated, enable the animators to look for the files quickly.
2. Create a flow chart in making of each element, to keep the process under control.
3. Choose one metric system to be used throughout the project. This will avoid problems in size, ratio, or position during the finalized stage.
4. All monitors must be color corrected, then the color tone of the project can be established.
5. Format on speed, character setup, and clip should be unified.
6. The animatic would be the main reference point as to how the product will look like.
Points that we had mentioned above, are very important preparation steps, should not be taken lightly.
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