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fig 4. 4 insider controller

fig 5. combined controller

Next, we have come to the most complicated stage in the production. According to their individual attributes, animatic elements were distributed into following groups: modeling, rendering, and animation. The execution and interaction among each group, are as followed:
the modeling team, led by Geese Chu, and broke down into:
1. Character modeling, 2. Background modeling, 3. Props modeling.
All the modeling was created in reference to the results from the pre-production stage. Following the pre-production schedule, the modeling team completes each object with the correct color tone and basic setting of texture. Then these objects are passed on to the rendering team.


Led by Vincent Lin, the rendering team also broke down into several groups: 1. Lighting group 2. Texture mapping and 2D paint 3. Material, Texture and shading group.
First took the animatic elements and started to work on environmental lighting, which included lighting direction, color, and intensity (fig. 8). For example, the use of fog, spotlight, and point light to the object can be set here, instead of waiting for the final model to complete. This has the advantage of grasping the lighting characteristics of the entire project, and helps the artistic director to confirm lighting effect early on in the project (fig. 9).

fig 6. modeling finished

fig 7. texture finished

fig 8. animation setup

fig 9. lighting setup
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