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This project was designed, created, and produced by dftc Digital Images for B.M.G. Music Inc. in Taiwan. The pattern and formation of the story is "Pretty Woman" and "International Singing Contest" will be the processing main shaft. It describes the four unknown singers from the earth, almost miss the Interplanetary Singing Contest held in outer space due to the light-year flying device of their old flying machine "Sparrow" broke down. The interplanetary judges in grotesque shapes and sizes are gradually attracted by their show from the jeers at early stage, and finally greatly impressed by into their songs. The judges coincidentally agree to give the highest score at the end of the show. Then a brand new chorus angel "4 in Love" is finally born. The awarded prize is eventually a brand new set of "Sparrow".

We took a lot of time to do R&D jobs for motion capture system and hair simulation for 4 virtual singers in this 3D animation MTV. dftc Digital Images took 4 month to finish all jobs which were included character design, storyboard, 3D animation, images compositing. On 2000/12/2 pm1:30 At Taipei New York,New York exhibition center on 7F,dftc did the "4 in Love 3D animation MTV" production technics seminar to share all knowledges to 3d peers.

Following were the testing results for motion capture data ( Motion Analysis motion capture system with 7 camaras ), hair simulation and cloth simulation.

movie file size:

320X240, 1.1MB

movie file size:

320X240, 841k

movie file size :

320X240, 601k

motion capture animation and cloth simulation.

hair simulation with splineIK and softbody dynamics.

hair simulation with softbody dynamics.

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