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It was a research project for ITRI in Taiwan. dftc Digital Images helped ITRI to test their 3D scanner system and motion capture system with this project. This project
also showed up at ITRI Booth in L.A. SIGGRAPH Show 2001. The face model was scanned with ITRI 3D scanner system from a clay model. All animation were used
motion capture data with Vicon Motion Systems ( 11 camaras ) and the software for cleanning motion data which was developed by ITRI.
Purpose of the work: 1. To combine 3D animation technology with performance art to present the power and beauty of Chinese battle drum.
2. To demonstrate the fearless and dauntless spirit of warriors. 3.A perfect match between Motion Capture data and the rhythm of battle drum.
4. Transfer of 3D model Scanner data into Maya. 5.Cloth simulation, Nonlieaner Animation with Facial Animation.
Following are the processes of face model and facial animation with motion capture:

Step 1. Scan the clay model
Image courtesy of ITRI. movie,290k

Step 2. Align model

Image courtesy of ITRI. movie,210k

Step 3. Define facial muscle

.......Image by DFTC

Step 4. Define section

....Image by DFTC

Step 5. Transfer model

....Image by DFTC


Step 6. Define locater
....Image by DFTC

Step 7. Capture facial motion data
......Image courtesy of ITRI.

Step8. Skin with Skeleton

....Image by DFTC

Step 9. Skin weight

....Image by DFTC

Step10.Motion capture data to facial finall

....Image by DFTC , movie file 469k

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