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The Services :

* Originality, Creativity
We have professional people with rich experience in film CGI, digital special effects, 3D animation, 3D interactive project. In pre-production phase we will directly involve in planning and execution of pre-production including written script conception, shooting script and storyboard setting, drawings, character styling, scene design and draft setting. At this phase our producer, supervisor and art director can provide you with the most professional services.

* Ability, Effective, Responsibility
In order to provide the best service to customer at the production phase, our personnel can produce motion board and animatic due to requirement of the case and progress so as to facilitate communication with our customer and to enhance production efficiency. In respect of film special effects project, during the film shooting period, our supervisor and director will fully support the shooting of special effect scene and will provide support and guidance based on the special effects and CGI scenes set in the pre-production phase. Also they will integrate the 3D animation and digital special effects of each special effect scene produced by our CGI and digital effects team. Based on production of 3D animation, we have a complete workflow management system and schedule control system and we can almost enforce 3D modeling and setting of shading, texture, lighting and animation concurrently that will greatly enhance production efficiency. In addition, production time schedule can be shortened and production cost of customer can be saved as time is money.

* Imagination, Vision, Artistry
In the post-production phase, our talented and experienced artist and compositor will apply Inferno, Flame and other 2D digital effect and composite system to process digital special effects and CGI images. Their amazing artistry and creativity can produce the most perfect composing for every shoot by customer and 2D, 3D digital images. Under the professional capability of requirement for non-distortion in color and image quality and a complete display, we will produce the most perfect digital effects, visual effects, CGI for customers.

* Integration & Total Solution
Regardless of the period such as pre-production, production and post-production,
personnel of dftc Digital Images will integrate technology, resource and talents
in creative ideas, designs, shooting script, storyboard setting, 3D animation production,
2D digital special effects composing etc. to achieve the quality required by customer
through schedule control researched and developed by us. Regardless of Character
Design, Stage Design or Prop Design, Film Scanner, 3D Scanner, Motion Capture,
traditional key frame animation, Maya, Softimage, Inferno, Flame and Film Recorder,
we have professional talents to provide a total solution to customers.

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