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3. Written script

This is the portion that impacts whether or not the story of the entire movie can thoroughly and smoothly be expressed. The perfect match of structures mutually between the drama and movie is a very difficult part. But the overall schedule can not provide too much time for script making. As the production time for the entire movie is only 3 months, so it's actually very tight for completing a 4-minute MTV in all 3D. Therefore, in order to enable fast and convenient work in this part, Director Chen has already completed the written script in detail. Then the image script portion can be done by merely transforming the written characters into images.
Written script does not resemble general novel works. The following attention must be noted:

a. Abstract description needs to be avoided. The story of the plot should be expressed with rather practical actions and emotions. For instance, if this sentence "The dead bored atmosphere makes her hesitated. I don't know where to go and what to do íK" is changed to "Dim light and the mist that penetrate into the room make her tightly closing her depressed eyebrows. Standing in front of the semi-open door, I really don't know where the road in front me leads to?", then the site scene, location, lighting, emotional expression and action are all clearly expressed. And even the shots and outlooks are already cut. In this way, a very clear instruction is provided to storyboard.

b. Clearly write time, distance, size of space and speed, For instance, if "She is seen to coil up at the corner of a large space, and the threatener is gradually approaching íK" is changed to "In a space about half a basketball court, her thin frail body & shadow lying coiled at the corner piled up with straw. Her startled eyes seem to see the threatener's body & shadow coming in through the door step by step íK", this also practically expresses the images clear.

c. Sound/voice and shooting treatment must clearly be written, For instance, "Cameras focuses to distant sky in countless stars, moves downward to pull diagonally through high ** buildings and stops the focus at the telephone booth on street corner. Several barks of wild dogs are transmitted from far end, lens enters to an open phone directory, "Hello! Hello ! " call is heard from the nearby mouthpiece that was not properly hung íK", this manner is believed to have described the images very clearly.

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